Penis Extension Exercises to Make it Grow Naturally

One thing many people people look for is a natural solution to their manhood aspirations.  Luckily, there are many methods available:

You go to the gym to work out our legs, pecs, and glutes, but how often do you give thought to working out your penis so that it is longer and has more girth. Your penis is comprised of spongy material called corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. Blood fills these three spongy chambers to cause erections. It’s possible to cause the spongy areas of the penis to become stretched out to make room for more blood to enter and as a result have a larger erection. It can be longer, have more girth, while flaccid, and erect. Before moving on to how, imagine what that could do for your sex life. Imagine no more awkward moments in bed before being with your partner. Having a longer, wider, penis can also give your partner more pleasure than before and lead to a more exciting sex life. Can you hear the moans of satisfaction yet? If not, you soon will.  If in doubt, just click through to the make mine grow home page

Jelqing – The Natural Technique

Obviously having a longer penis with more girth is worth exploring. The first method is called Jelqing. Jelqing has been around for a while and it is a legitimate way to extend the penis length and to enhance its girth. Don’t take my word for it though, get scientific with it. Record your penis length and girth, flaccid and erect, complete with a beautiful self-portrait of it in both flaccid and erect states, before Jelqing. You might want to get those pictures their own frames, because your penis will never look that small again. Jelqing can add up to an inch and a half to your penis’s length, but it takes twelve months of time to enhance it up to an inch and a half. After you start Jelqing, measure your flaccid and erect penis’s length and girth every three months to make sure there is progress. I would even add a picture of my member flaccid and erect for scientific documentation, of course.

To perform Jelqing, start gently at first. Start with a semi-erect penis that is lubricated with cocoa butter or Vaseline. Then grasp the base of the penis with the first finger and thumb touching in an O shape. Stroke the penis down the length letting your O shaped fingers glide over the skin while applying pressure. To start the first week, use moderate pressure with one hundred strokes.

Sometimes ejaculation occurs making it difficult to continue Jelqing. If this happens, try using the pinch position. Place the right and middle fingers on the underside of the penis and the thumb on the top while allowing the fingers to glide over the semi-erect lubricated penis’s skin while pinching. This should reduce the chances of ejaculating. If this still does not prevent ejaculation, try removing the lubricant and instead of allowing the fingers to move over the skin, keep the fingers on only one area of the skin.

To Jelq properly, it must be done daily. It has to become of your routine, like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and shaving. The first week 100 strokes should be done daily. Every week after, add 100 strokes, until reaching 500 strokes. After reaching 500 strokes, adding pressure to the stroking process will give additional results. After a year compare your results with what you penis was in the beginning and marvel at your now longer and wider member.

The other method of extending the penis involves a little more gear for your equipment than simply man handling your manhood. Penis weights are a precise way to add length and girth. There is no guesswork involved as the exact weight needed can be used, unlike in Jelqing where pressures may change from day to day. The penis weights aren’t very expensive either starting at about twenty dollars online. They also have solid science that says they do actually work and have been tested for effectiveness. Penis weights result in quick gains with over fifty percent of men seeing a half inch gain in just four months. Penis weights can become an easy part of a daily exercise routing, as it takes only fifteen or twenty minutes of hanging per day to see results. However, it must be done every single day.

It’s best to do this after showering after a nice workout. In fact, a nice hot shower is what is required prior to hanging the weights on the penis. Then, hang the weight while in the bathroom before performing other mostly stationary tasks like shaving or brushing teeth. Walking around will be impossible and may cause permanent injury. Never have a session that lasts longer than twenty minutes. Start with just three hanging sessions per week. Then add one day per week, until hanging is a daily occurrence. After every session, apply heat to the penis for at least ten minutes to stimulate blood flow.

There are a couple different types of penis weights. The first type looks like a cock ring that is heavier and goes on to the penis itself. This type is the PE weight and it can be worn under clothing if you will be in a stationary position for a long period of time. It comes in several different girth sizes and starts in 11-ounce weights. More than one can be worn at a time.

The second option is the bib hanger, which is slightly more expensive, but provides excellent results. It provides a jacket, which securely wraps around the penis. This jacket has a hanger attached. The hanger is where the desired weight is attached. Start at a pound and slowly increase the weight over time. The bib hanger requires a completely stationary and naked position while using it. If you can’t stay stock still, wait to hang until a later time.

After six months of Jelqing or using penis weights, you should see result. Make sure to do your chosen method every single day. Penis extension takes time and dedication, just like any exercise, in order to see length and girth gains.